What Is Jealousy?

What is  Jealousy? Jealousy is an eternally thorny topic. When we ask ourselves, ‘what is jealousy,’ can we really find the answer? This question, often the feelings overtake analysis and rationality. “I suspect my partner is cheating on me, but I can’t be sure.” Perhaps you’ve just discovered their affair and your head’s reeling. You […]

Feeling Bored in Your Relationship?

Feeling Bored in Your Relationship? Your relationship is going well. You’re settled, things don’t really grate with you. However, you’ve just lost that sparkle. It’s not serious enough to seek therapy. If you’re feeling bored in your relationship, you can mistake that for feeling unhappy in your relationship. How Can I Get Back on Track? […]

Helping my Teen with Exams

Helping my Teen with Exams Exams are stressful for everyone. You can expect to feel frustrated, and confused, even overwhelmed, as your teen goes through exams. You may be experiencing very similar emotions to them. If you’re having a constant battle with your teens, here’s what to do. How to Help Teens Form Rules that […]