Finding your path


Finding Your Path

It’s February. Spring is just around the corner and the new year rolls into memory. Or is it?

So how are you coping? Are you feeling positive, enthusiastic looking to the future or are you plodding along still buried in the past? Deciding on a positive direction can require you to address the issues that are holding you back. This might be personal self-doubt, confidence or a relationship issue. Tragedy, grief and loss can also be burdens that we find hard to let go off.

Take time to invest in counselling to take stock of your life and your relationships patterns. This can include how you experience shame in relationships.

You may be surprised at the insights you discover.

Things that you already knew but haven’t seen as a distinct influence in your life, your mood, your happiness.

How Counselling Can Help

Counselling can help you prioritise what’s really important instead of being caught up endlessly treading water on a to-do list of tasks.

Focusing on longer-term objectives and planning your future path confidently is something that requires a good understanding of yourself and a good feeling that goals are realistic and also what you truly desire.

What are Your Goals?

Need help finding your path? What are your goals? How do you really want to spend your time? Often people come and see me because they feel overwhelmed and yearn to simplify their lives. Talking to a trained, experienced counsellor can be just what you need to remove the fog and clearly see your horizons.

How Much Does Counselling Cost?

Counselling sessions start at £60 for 50 minutes. Invest in dealing with fundamental issues affecting your feeling of self and how you approach your life. Today could be the start.

How Do I Set Up a Counselling Session?