From Soul Mate to Stalemate


From Soul Mate to Stalemate

Are you arguing over small things, feeling bored with each other and now finding it impossible to resolve issues yourselves? Maybe you feel misunderstood by your partner and in need of extra help to improve your daily lives. You may feel like you have gone from soul mate to stalemate.

Counselling Helps you Resolve Issues Between Sessions

Working together between sessions, you can provide mutual support to a speedier resolution. Allowing problems to grow into frustrations can be an extremely unhealthy situation both individually and as part of a relationship.

Many couples tell me that they still work well as a family team, despite their difficulties and this builds on that and gives a sense of hope and direction in times of despair and frustration.

How Couples Counselling Can Help Your Relationship

Owning up to an affair, your true feelings or hidden addictions and issues can leave you feeling particularly exposed. Having the security of an impartial third party can give an immediate boost in volatile situations and shows you care enough to stay together or part amicably.

Making use of an experienced professional counsellor can be a positive step towards resolving issues, bringing things into the open and tackling the difficult subjects that are ultimately barring the way to a happy relationship.

They can help you identify the stumbling blocks and how to form a positive plan for your future together where both partners are content.

Relationship therapy, also called couples counselling or marriage guidance,  helps you tackle troubles such as feeling shame, head-on, rather than trying to muddle through in a way that leaves no one feeling contented.

How To Get in Touch

You can get in contact to arrange an assessment session. It could be the first step in putting your relationship back on the path.