How Couples Counselling Can Help

how couples counselling can help

How Couples Counselling Can Help

It’s important to know how couples counselling can help, before deciding to come before therapy.

Do you spot any of the following behaviours?

  • Are you communicating in a fixed and rigid way in some situations?
  • Do you feel a combination of criticism of the other and defensiveness or shame in yourself?
  • Do you each put up barriers, stifling intimacy and the capacity to speak openly about feelings and needs?

All these are common reasons to enter relationship counselling. Where couples accept that something needs to change in their relationship and that they both have a part in that, couples counselling can help improve your long term relationship.

I offer couples counselling in Edinburgh in a warm relaxed atmosphere in my Murrayfield premises.

Help You Become More Self-aware

Self-awareness is important because much of how we think and react can be unconscious. As I learn about the history of the relationship, I assess what each partner is doing to undermine or support the relationship. I will also be assessing how much self-support you have. This means your capacity to manage internal anxiety and maintain constructive communication. I will also look at your environmental support.  Basically, this is who you go to for support, outwith the relationship.

Help You Resolve Relationship Conflicts 

Once we identify what is going wrong with your relationship and how it is hampering effective problem solving you will understand how this can lead to greater conflict or unresolved conflict. You learn to behave differently with each other. Therefore you gain practical experience of constructive outcomes. This leads to a greater sense of the underlying strength of the relationship. What better way to help maintain resolve when things are looking bleak?

Couples counselling offers you an opportunity to learn new ways of communication with a trained, impartial facilitator. The process is confidential and a safe space is created for a new relationship dynamic to emerge.

How do I set up an appointment?

Get in touch by phone, text or email. I will get back to you as soon as I can so I can answer your questions and find out more about what you need. We can then set up an assessment session.

I offer face to face, phone or Skype counselling.

Home Visits

I can also offer home visits, for nearby clients who have mobility difficulties. I charge a £15 supplement for this service.

How Much Will It Cost?

Initial Assessment Session

£75 (individuals) £80 (couples) for a 70-minute session
We will have an initial assessment session together, which lasts 70 minutes. This will let you get a sense of me and whether you would like to work with me. It will allow me to understand what you are needing and the best way to proceed.

Ongoing Session fees: £60 (individuals) £65 (couples) for a 50-minute session