Experienced Therapist offering Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist Edinburgh Experienced Therapist offering Psychotherapy

Edinburgh Psychotherapy

Experienced Therapist offering Psychotherapy

What happens in Psychotherapy?

Together, we look at your life as a whole. Psychotherapy involves regular sessions, over a longer period. Firstly,  it is an investment in understanding yourself. We all have psychological defence mechanisms, and psychotherapy can help you learn what they are.

Secondly, it helps you explore recurring patterns so that you can change them.

Thirdly, you may have an idea of the deeper issues you want to resolve.

What issues can Psychotherapist Edinburgh help me with?

Not Belonging:I’ve always struggled to fit in. I want to know why.” There are many reasons why you might not feel you belong. Maybe your family moved around a lot. Perhaps your parents also struggled to fit in and you sensed their discomfort.

Identity: “My divorce made me question who I am.” It’s common to feel confused and uncertain when you have a major change in status.

Unresolved Grief: “I still miss my mum, even though she died years ago.” We can hold onto grief for many years and this can cause distress.

Retirement: “I feel pressured to retire but I feel such a deep sense of anxiety.” Adapting to retirement can be tough. Often much of our self-worth is tied up in our work. Psychotherapy helps you form a picture of the next stage of your life.

What if I don’t know what I want to change? 

I ask you questions about your life story, your childhood, and your major life events and relationships. Sometimes, just telling your story helps you gain insights.  

How much will Individual Psychotherapy cost me?

£80 for the initial 70-minute session, and £60 per session thereafter.

I offer a range of services, tailored to suit individual needs. For further details, please click here

Where can I get it for free?

NHS psychotherapy services can provide free assistance, however, there is a waiting list. Find out more and click here

If you want to bypass the waiting list and get help fast call me today

What will I get from this?

  • Do you want to feel easier in yourself? 
  • Would you like to release feelings of resentment, anger, grief, and guilt?

Gain greater self-awareness, so that your insights help you get through future issues.

Do I have to have Severe Mental Health Issues to come along? 

No, anyone can benefit from psychotherapy. Above all,  it’s about working through your earlier decisions, so you can have a fuller and richer life.

How Can Edinburgh Psychotherapy Help Me?

  • Find the cause of emotional pain as this helps you resolve it.
  • Improve your emotional resilience. Consequently, you then adapt more readily to tough times. As a result, you work through future issues more easily.
  • Releases long help grief and other repressed feelings. This means it can free up your energy. This can also help you feel more invigorated, energetic, and motivated.

How do I set up an appointment with Psychotherapist Edinburgh?

Get in touch by phone, text or email. I will get back to you as soon as I can so I can answer your questions and find out more about what you need.  Even if you aren’t ready to begin psychotherapy just now, I can suggest some resources and books that may help you.

If you decide to begin, we can then set up an assessment session at a time that is convenient for you. I offer day and evening sessions, Monday to Friday.

I am an experienced psychotherapist and offer face-to-face, phone, or Zoom psychotherapy and counselling. 

I can also offer home visits, for nearby clients who have mobility difficulties. I charge a £15 supplement for this service.