Why Choose Me?

Sheila van Tol Why Choose Me
I am a UKCP registered Psychotherapist. 


Why Choose Me?

You will benefit from my wealth of experience and training I have 17 years of practical experience can help you identify what you want to change and support you in creating a happier life.

You will understand yourself better: Your personality has a distinct flavour. It is excellent at some things and would prefer to avoid others. If you can understand your personality, you’ll see the roots of your motivations, and learn to deal with them better.

You will make sense of your life story:   “what has happened to you” – is very important. Lots of different things happen to us over our lifetime. But the process of your life – how you dealt with it – is even more important. Understanding this, helps you build trust in yourself and in others.

You can learn to think for yourself: I  ask you questions, which allow you to determine what your values, beliefs and dreams may be. Have you ever stopped to think about what you really want? Often life is too busy to take time for ourselves.

You can work out your life script and I can help you see patterns: We each tend to have a small set of favourite ways of dealing with things. Usually, this is the way we learnt to deal with things during our childhood. This can be a get strength. But overused, it can leave you feeling stuck: here we go again. As we try and solve the same problem with a process that didn’t work before, and we know won’t work this time either.


My training and Experience

I am an experienced and highly trained Counsellor and Psychotherapist using transactional analysis

  • COSCA accredited Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling
  • Registered member of the UKCP
  • Certified Transactional Analyst, endorsed by the European Association of Transactional Analysis
  • Chair of the Scottish Transactional Analysis Association (STAA), which seeks to promote TA in Scotland
  • Member of the UK Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA)

I trained as a lawyer and have experience of working in the corporate world. I use a mixture of active listening, warmth, clear thinking and many years of personal psychological work as part of my training to help facilitate growth in clients. My aim is to help clients feel more comfortable sharing what is often very uncomfortable.

I have a wealth of expertise to help you. Click here for further information.